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5X HEALTH POINTS VERSION: https://jh318.itch.io/no-more-spacers-give-me-health



You're just some spacer bots, been lookin' for a place to land for a while now.

Finally found a place, only thing is, they told ya they're Running Out Of Space...

"Ain't got room for No More Spacers!" You heard as they fired on your ships.

Looks like you're gonna have to make more space...



WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Boost

MouseLeft/Right - Attack / Launch Attack

R - Reset Camera



*Survive as long as you can

*Game is over when you run out of health

*Health slowly drains

*Defeat Red Bots to restore a portion of health




*Combining Attack, Move, Launch, and Boost together is the key to survival!

*The blue bar is your boost meter - you can do 4 in a row with it full!

*The green bar is your health meter - it slowly drains and depletes from enemy attacks!

*Kill the red bots to restore your health!


*Use an air attack or boost straight into the ground to get control of your velocity!

*Boost meter regenerates while on the ground, but not in the air! Careful not to fall!

*You can control the boost velocity on the ground slightly by running! You can even drift!

*Use boost to return to ground quickly! Use combinations of air and ground attacks to throw off the turrets’ aim!

*You are vulnerable when you land - save some boost to skip the landing animation!


*Use Launch Attack to knock Red Bots up - Jump after them for an air combo!

*Air attacks halt your momentum, and move you up slightly!

*You can attack while running! But it doesn’t do as much damage as a standing or air combo!

*You can do a standing 3 attack combo by left clicking while still on the ground!

*Left click in the air to start an air attack combo!

*The final hit in the air combo does a lot of damage!

*Don’t finish the air combo to leave enemies in the air (the final hit spikes)!


Game Developer - Me


Lion’s Haven - Mid Air Machine


Glueworm Evening Blues - Lobo Loco



Enemy healthbar - Gamedev.tv (From the RPG course)

Particle sprites - Gamedev.tv (From space shooter course)

Extra Code:

Health UI scripts (adapted) - Gamedev.tv (From the RPG course)

Shout outs to Wilmer Lin / Gamedev.tv’s lighting course!


No More Spacers.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

Download zip, extract, run the the unity application.

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