A downloadable game for Windows

BearManKoalaMouseDude infiltrates an abandoned robot factory to find the answer to what he is...

Bullet Hell style game inspired by Factory level from Nier: Automata

Controls (Keyboard):

R - Restart

WASD - Move character

Arrow Keys - Aim in some direction

Space - Shoot

Controls (Xbox Controller):

Back - Restart

Left Stick - Move Character

Right Stick - Aim in some direction

Right Bumper - Shoot

Secret Buttons

X (Keyboard/Controller) - Secet Debug button not meant to be used, but in case you wanna, it opens doors. <- Dooooon't use it! Unless you die and want to get back to where you were or whatever.

Cntrl/Alt/Shift or some other buttons can't remember - Play silly animations

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/jh318/AdventureGame/tree/master


Factory_(G)As(T)sault.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Download Zip,

Unzip content to same folder,

Launch the .exe file

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